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DISCLAIMER: The content on this website represents personal opinion, combined with a careful assessment of information within documents obtained during an extensive program of research. All documentation is readily available in the public domain. 

The MX GP Action Group is an organisation of Grand Prix motocross supporters who have grown disillusioned with the current state of World Championship Motocross and are campaigning for change.

We have been involved with, and have followed, elite-level motocross for many years and are saddened by what it has become. We feel that many of the decisions, policies and changes implemented by the current promoter Youthstream, in partnership with the FIM (the global governing body of all motorcycle sport), have had a detrimental effect on both the championship and overall image of the sport.

We care passionately for motocross and want it to be the best that it can be. We want a fair deal for the riders, teams, sponsors, partners, promoters and fans. Most importantly, we have the best interests of the sport at heart, not just 'now' but for its long-term existence too.   

We don't like to see the soul, tradition and credibility of motocross destroyed by Youthstream's relentless pursuit of commercial gain. We also don't like to see the sport's loyal and faithful fan base pushed away in the quest to take GP motocross to a new, but ultimately apathetic audience. We recognise that in the 21st century, sport and business go hand-in-hand. While we are not opposed to this, achieving a good balance (and an appropriate distribution of wealth based on contributions made) is of paramount importance. 

The purpose of this web site is to raise awareness of some of the fundamental issues with present-day GP motocross, of which many people may not be aware. We explain why we feel these developments have been detrimental, as well as outlining our suggestions for change in the future.
We also reveal details about the relationship between the FIM and Youthstream. We demonstrate how high-ranking FIM officials held shareholdings in Youthstream, the company to whom they themselves had awarded an exclusive contract. This was a clear conflict of interest and was, in our opinion, the main reason why changes made in the interests of the promoter rather than the sport went unchallenged by the sport's governing body.

There is no ulterior motive for this site or this pressure group. Neither is it a personal vendetta against Youthstream. Our sole aim is to gather support in order to lobby for positive change in the Motocross World Championship. We hope that you, like us, feel that motocross deserves better. We invite all fans, from across the globe, to join our cause and let your voices be heard. Please visit and 'like' our Facebook page. While there you can also leave your messages of support.

Together, with your help, we will encourage the FIM to take fans' sentiments into account for decision-making, and preserve the integrity and future of the sport we all care so much about. 

Thank you for reading. 

MX GP Action Group


If you have also become disillusioned with motocross GPs, register your feelings by visiting, liking and sharing our Facebook page. Your support can make a difference.